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Allen Airways
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Allen Airways Fleet
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Welcome to Allen Airways fleet page. Here you will find aircraft flown in our main fleet as well as Allen Express, Allen Cargo and Upstate Air.

Since Allen Airways is still being put into operation, we are a regional airline to start off. Once we get into full operation our fleet will grow as well as our hubs and our destinations to better serve our pilots and out passengers. Connecting our passengers to where they want to go efficently, and smoothly are what we constantly strive for. For now, we will focus on getting our foundation solid and build from there.  Here is our fleet which will soon be in operation:
Raytheon Hawker 450
Raytheon Premier I
Raytheon Kingair 350/B2000/C90B
Cessna Citation X/Sovereign/Excel/Encore/Bravo/CJ1/CJ2
Piper Seminole
Piper Saratoga

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