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Here you will find information on our Hubs.

Albany Hub: Allen Airways chose Albany County International Airport (KALB) as our first Hub as it is your personal gateway to Upstate New York. Albany International is the major air center for the Capital Region, Northeastern New York,  and Western New England. Albany offers a wide-range of facilities and servicies. With our regional service from Albany we assure your flight will be as comfortable as possible.

Flights From Albany
Plane   Flight Number     Destination     Departure Time  Arrival Time 
ATR-42     01              Utica/Rome     8:00am               8:31am
ATR-42     02           Ledanon/Hanover    9:40am         10:10am
B1900D    03           Burlington             5:00am              5:40am
B1900D    04           Binghamton           7:00am              7:36am
B1900D    05          Boston                     9:00am            9:40am
ERJ-135   06          La Guardia            12:00pm          12:30pm
ERJ-135   07         Buffalo                     1:40pm             2:20pm
ERJ-135   08         Manchester             3:40pm             4:00pm
ERJ-135   09         White Plains            5:20pm             5:40pm
B737-400  10         Orlando                   10:00am           12:20pm
B737-400   11        Philadelphia            4:00pm             4:40pm
B737-400   12       Pittsburgh                 6:40pm            7:40pm
B737-400   13      Washington Dulles    10:00pm           11:00pm