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Las Vegas Hub Page


Las Vegas Airport Site
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Las Vegas Hub Job Page.

Welcome to the jobs page. Here you can view jobs, see if any are open, fill out an application. I strongly encourage pilots who feel they are qualified to please fill out an application for any jobs that are open. Also, if there is a job that is not listed that you feel should be listed, e-mail me and I'll put it in! Thank you for your time.

Hub Commander: (Taken)
Route Director: Open
Web Master: Open
Ground Crew Director: Open
Scenery Director: Open
Pilot Rep. Open
*Baggage Handeler: Open
*Fuel Tanker Commander: Open
*Catering Commander: Open
Thats all for now. Please e-mail me if there is any job that is not listed here that you would like to have listed. Thank you for your time.
*- These jobs are ground crew who service the planes of West Coast Air. To obtain these jobs please have a vehical downloaded, and preferrably painted in West Coast Air colors.