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Allen Airways
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Allen Airways Fleet
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Welcome to Allen Airways Fleet page.
Allen Airways is still somewhat on the drawing board, so our fleet is still being sketched out.
    Allen Airways is a new Virtual Airline offering regional service to the Northeast, focusing mostly on New England states. Once we are able to get up and running we will be expanding our service and offering more routes for our pilots. Allen Airways is always looking for oppertunities to make our airline as pleasing to our pilots as possable, expand to better serve the public and Virtual Airline community as a whole. With our service we try to get our passengers to where they want to go safely, and comfortably. Our passenger safty and comfort is our top priority.
Allen Airways fleet will consist of:
Boeing 737-400 (Download for FS 2000/2002)-Comming Soon!!
Raytheon B1900D (Download for FS 2000/2002)-Coming Soon!!
NEW! ATR-42 (Download for FS 2000/2002)-Coming Soon!!
NEW! Embraer  ERJ-135!! (Download for FS 2000/2002)-Coming soon!!


In the highly unlikely event these files corrupt a system Allen Airways claims no responsibility. You have been warned.