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Allen Airways Destinations
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Here you will find information on our destinations. Our route map system, Terminal maps, and any special travel packages we are offering. Check back here often to see what kind of sizzeling deals we are promoting!

Allen Airways will soon announce its plans for Fall Leaf tours. Places tours will start: Essex County NY, Saratoga Springs NY, Rutland VT, Burlington VT, Glens Falls NY. Aircraft will include: Cessna 172, Cessna Stationair, Cessna Cardinal, Cessna Caravan. Check back here for updates.

Allen Airways route system can be found below. While we await our fleet to be painted you may see where we fly using the route map and/or our Flight Schedual below the map. As  Allen Airways grows, we will be adding more routes to better connect and serve our passengers & pilots. Allen Airways welcomes pilots of all skill levels, if you wish to fly with Allen Airways, help build this dream and make it a reality then please fill out an application on our Pilot Application page!


Here is what Our Route system will most likely start off as.
Line    Plane        From                   To               DTime.            ATime.
1          ATR-42     Albany       Utica                  8:00am.           8:31am
1A       ATR-42     Utica          Albany               8:50am            9:20am
1B      ATR-42      Albany      Hanover/Lebanon    9:40am      10:10am
1C      ATR-42      Lebanon/Hanover    Albany      10:30am    11:00am
1D     ATR-42      Albany           La Guardia          11:20am     12:00pm
1E      ATR-42      La Guardia     Albany               12:20pm      1:00pm
2        B1900D       Albany          Burlington         5:00am         5:40am
2A     B1900D       Burlington        Albany           6:00am        6:40am
2B     B1900D          Albany            Binghamton  7:00am        7:36am
2C     B1900D        Binghamton      Albany          8:00am        8:36am
2D     B1900D        Albany              Boston          9:00am       9:40am
2E     B1900D        Boston               Albany        10:00am     10:40am
2F     B1900D        Albany         Rutland            11:00am      11:15am
2G    B1900D         Rutland          Albany           12:05pm     12:20pm
2H    B1900D        Albany            Nanutcket     11:30am      11:57am
2I     B1900D         Nantucket      Albany            12:40am      1:07pm
3       ERJ-135      Albany               La Guardia       12:00pm   12:30pm
3A    ERJ-135      La Guardia        Albany               12:50pm   1:20pm   
3B    ERJ-135      Albany                Buffalo             1:40pm     2:20pm
3C    ERJ-135      Buffalo                Albany             2:40pm     3:20pm
3D   ERJ-135      Albany                  Manchester    3:40pm    4:00pm
3E   ERJ-135      Manchester           Albany            4:20pm    5:00pm
3F   ERJ-135     Albany                    White Plains   5:20pm     5:40pm
3G  ERJ-135     White Plains            Albany           6:00pm      6:40pm
4    B737-400     Albany               Orlando              10:00am    12:20pm
4A B737-400    Orlando                 Albany                1:00pm    3:20pm
4B B737-400    Albany                  Philadelphia        4:00pm     4:40pm
4C B737-400    Philadelphia           Albany               5:20pm     6:00pm
4D B737-400     Albany                  Pittsburgh          6:40pm     7:40pm
4E B737-400     Pittsburgh              Albany               8:20pm    9:20pm
4F B737-400      Albany            Washington Dulles  10:00pm    11:00pm
4G B737-400     Washington Dulles     Albany          11:40pm    12:40am
Albany to Washington Dulles ATR 42-300*
Washington Dulles to New Bern ATR 42-300*
Philadelphia to Parkersburg Do 328*
Philadelphia to Shenandoah Valley ERJ-135*
*=Service to be announced