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Here you will find seating charts for our fleet, to better help you choose where you would like to sit on your flight.



Above is a seating chart for our Raytheon B1900D aircraft.


Seating configuration for our ATR-42 aircraft.


Seating Chart for our New! EMB-135

Seating chart for our New Boeing 737-400

Aircraft Information:
Raytheon B1900D: Allen Airways uses the Raytheon B1900D on commuter routes, from our Albany hub. The B1900D's capability to operate from small airfields makes it ideal for Allen Airways. Moving to closer connect with our passengers so they don't have to drive long ways to airports, we option to fly to local airfields. The Raytheon B1900D came to the calling. Its ability to take off/land on short runways made it our choice as the premier starter aircraft. The Raytheon B1900D configuration we use seats 19 passengers comfortably.
ATR 42-300: Allen Airways chose this aircraft to work our longer commuter routes. Expanding our operational area, which allows us to serve more passengers, offer more variety for our pilots. One reason why we chose this airplane was its operation flexability. Its ability to operate in any severe or restricted environment. Making it the ideal aircraft for useage on short,narrow runways,intense heat and/or cold, semi prepared fields.  Which makes this airplane ideal for use in remote, desolate areas with limited facilities. The ATR 42-300 configuration we use seats 50 passengers comfortably.